Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • AAV gene transfer rescues the canine model of myotubular myopathy: Results of a dose-finding study

    Journal of Clinical Investigations (in press)

    David L Mack, Karine Poulard, Melissa Goddard, Virginie Latournerie, Jessica M Snyder, Robert W Grange, Matthew R Elverman, Jérôme Denard, Philippe Veron, Laurine Buscara, Christine Le Bec, Jean-Yves Hogrel, Jon Doering, Hui Meng, Lin Yang, Fujun Liu, Michael O’Callaghan, Nikhil Gopal, Valerie E. Kelly, Barbara K Smith, Jennifer L. Strande, Fulvio Mavilio, Alan H Beggs, Federico Mingozzi, Michael W Lawlor, Ana Buj-Bello, and Martin K Childers

  • High-performance web services for querying gene and variant annotation

    Genome Biology

    Jiwen Xin, Adam Mark, Cyrus Afrasiabi, Ginger Tsueng, Moritz Juchler, Nikhil Gopal, Gregory S. Stupp, Timothy E. Putman, Benjamin J. Ainscough, Obi L. Griffith, Ali Torkamani, Patricia L. Whetzel, Christopher J. Mungall, Sean D. Mooney, Andrew I. Su, and Chunlei Wu


  • EXPLANe: A Mobile Application for On-Demand Genetic Information

    Gordon Research Conference (2016)

    Nikhil Gopal, Chunlei Wu, Andrew I. Su, Sean D. Mooney

  • A Fresh Perspective On Genomics Visualizations

    University of Washington - eScience Institute (2014)

    Nikhil Gopal, Neil Abernethy, John Gennari

  • Identifying High-Risk Components in Synthetic Biology

    American Medical Informatics Association (2013)

    Nikhil Gopal, Neil Abernethy, John Gennari


  • Beginning Android 4

    Apress Publishing

    Grant Allen, Nikhil Gopal [Technical Reviewer]


  • Biological Network Visualizations: Exploratory versus Explanatory

    National Library of Medicine (2016)

    Nikhil Gopal, John H. Gennari, Neil F. Abernethy

  • The Challenges of Electronic Medical Records

    Infocamp (2012)

    Nikhil Gopal

Courses and Guest Lectures

  • D3 and Coffeescript

    O'Reilly Media

    Nikhil Gopal

  • Biomedical Visualization

    University of Washington (2016)

    Nikhil Gopal, Graham Kim, Uba Backonja

  • Introduction to Graph Theory

    University of Washington (2015)

    Nikhil Gopal

  • Kaggle and Data Science

    University of Washington (2014)

    Nikhil Gopal

  • Introduction to Bioinformatics

    University of Washington (2013)

    Nikhil Gopal

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