BIME 591 – Biomedical Visualization

Hello class! Welcome to BIME 591 – Biomedical Visualization. This class is co-instructed by Graham, Uba, and myself, so please feel free to chat with any and all of us! In this course, we will cover some basic visualization theory/practices, go through biomedical visualization examples, interact with guest speakers, and design your own biomedical visualization.

Here below is the current curriculum for the course. Although there are some papers, exercises, or lectures we think are “musts”, we are also very open to adjusting the course content based on your feedback:

  1. Introduction to visualization (why visualize & Anscombe’s quartet paper)
  2. Visual encoding

  3. Biases in visualization
    • Download and install Tableau, R, and RStudio
  4. Tableau and GGPLOT2 crash course
  5. Visualizations in healthcare

  6. Guest lecture: Hadley Wickham

  7. Guest lecture: Robert Kosara

  8. Visualizing text

  9. TBD

  10. Final thoughts