Hello. I'm Nikhil.

Welcome to my web page, where I sporadically post a number of loosely related items. If you are here looking for course materials, you may be interested in the course materials from the Biomedical Visualization class I co-taught at University of Washington in Winter 2016, or perhaps the (very introductory) online course on Coffeescript and D3 offered through O’Reilly Media. If you are here looking for information about my research, it is likely best to just send me an email or tweet. You may find what you are looking for by searching through my github repositories. A list of publications, talks, etc. may be found on this page. If you are here searching for archived blog posts (which are now extremely dated and likely irrelevant), those may be found here. If you are seeking help with experimental design, machine learning, and data science, please go to mlhelp.org